Engineering Analytics_ NASSCOM Study

Today nearly 10 billion devices are connected to the internet.  Over the last two years these devices generated nearly 90% of all the data in the world.  The insights provided by this data has impacted various industries – helped transportation firms track their fleets, enabled aircraft maintenance through predictive analytics, helped retail firms understand their clients better.  This use of machine data to derive meaningful insights is defined as engineering analytics… link below to read more………….

Engineering Analytics Report 2013

My Car My Way -CAPGEMINI Study

Capgemini’s Cars Online research examines
consumer-driven trends in the industry,
including the way technology is altering both
products and processes, the emergence of
innovative transportation options and alternatives
that could change the industry for better or worse,
and the demand for personalization from both
OEMs and dealers at every stage of the buying
lifecycle. In short, 2012 consumers want it all.
Here are the top nine findings from this year’s survey
of more than 8,000 consumers……… click below to read more